2nd Severo Ochoa Conference: «Ligating the Ubiquitin Family: Physiology, Disease, and Future Directions»

(Severo Ochoa Conferences)
The SEBBM, in collaboration with the Carmen and Severo Ochoa Foundation, launch the Severo Ochoa Conferences, which will deal monographically with research topics on the frontier of knowledge and will be coordinated by leading people in these fields.
Datos del evento
Fecha: 24/06/2024 25/06/2024
Lugar: Bizkaia Aretoa UPV/EHU
Abandoibarra Etorb., 3, 48009 Bilbao (Spain)
Precio: €175 (SEBBM members) / €200 (non-members) / €300 (companies)

We are excited to announce the Second Severo Ochoa Conference with the theme «Ligating the Ubiquitin Family: Physiology, Disease, and Future Directions.» The conference will take place on June 24th and 25th, 2024, at the Bizkaia Aretoa venue in Bilbao. This event is organized by the SEBBM in collaboration with the Fundación Carmen y Severo Ochoa and co-organized by the COST Action ProteoCure.

We have a fantastic lineup of confirmed invited speakers, including Ivan Dikic (GUF), Cristina Mayor-Ruiz (IRB Barcelona), Simona Polo (IFOM), Tim Clausen (IMP), Helen Walden (University of Glasgow), and Jordi Torres-Rosell (IRB Lleida). There is space available for selected speakers in the program. Additionally, we will have poster sessions, and a subset of posters will be chosen for short talks.

Registration will remain open until April 30th, with a limited number of spots available. SEBBM members will enjoy a reduced registration fee.

Local organizers:
Rosa Barrio (CIC bioGUNE), Alicia Alonso (UPV/EHU), Nerea Osinalde (UPV/EHU)

Scientific committee:
Emilio Lecona (CBMSO), James D Sutherland (CIC bioGUNE), Rosa Barrio (CIC bioGUNE).

Enlaces de interés:

Registration for the 2nd Severo Ochoa conference

1. Registration

To register you must complete the online registration form and make a transfer, with the data indicated in section 2.

Abstract Submission deadline: April 30th

Registration deadline: April 30th

Registration payment deadline May 30th

1.1. Registration fees
SEBBM members€175

The registration fee includes:

  • Access to the Scientific Programme.
  • Congress Material
  • Presentation of a poster, prior approval by the scientific committee.
  • Picnic lunches.
  • Conference dinner.
1.2. Pay:

Make a transfer to the account listed below. In the concept you must indicate your «name and surname – Severo Ochoa Conference». Your registration space will not be confirmed until payment is received.

Account holderSpanish Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
IBANES20 0049 5817 8628 1022 5149
EntityBank Santander

2. Abstract Submission

Please, follow the template provided as an example and this guidelines:

  • Use Times New Roman 12 pt
  • Title should be in bold
  • The first author should be the presenting author
  • Indicate affiliations using superscript numbers
  • Abstract main body: please, keep the length to about 200 words
  • An acknowledgment section may be added
  • References section may be added and references listed by numbers
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3. Possible accommodations

Accommodations of various price ranges are available in Bilbao, all conveniently accessible via public transportation or within walking distance from the venue.

3.1. Hotel Abando. Calle Colón de Larreategui 9, 48001 Bilbao (17 min to venue)

Limited to 20 roomsBOOKING ID: 214320
Phone+34 944 236 200
Room typeFee
Double room for single use with breakfast (VAT included)€115
Double room for double use with breakfast (VAT included)€135

The rate is per room per night, from June 23 to 25, 2024 (1 or 2 nights). Reservation and direct payment to the hotel for each client.
Offer limited to 20 rooms and for reservations made until April 22, 2024.

3.2. Some others examples are indicated (walking times indicated below). Estimated prices are provided for reference purposes, and we anticipate that it may be possible to negotiate better arrangements with the hotels in some cases.

  • Residencia Universitaria Blas De Otero
    Calle Cortes 38, 48003 Bilbao (22 min to venue). Single bed (breakfast included) 67,50€; Double bed (breakfast included) 85,50€
  • Residencia Universitaria Resa San Mamés
    Calle Gurtubay 1, 48013 Bilbao (22 min to venue). Double bed (breakfast included) 125€
  • Casual Mardones (*)
    Calle Jardines 4, 48005 Bilbao (26 min to venue). Single Room 75€; Double Room 80€
  • Ibis Bilbao Centro (*)
    Calle General Concha 28, 48010 Bilbao (18 min to venue). Double Room 107€
  • Ibis Budget Bilbao City (*)
    Calle Zankoeta 9, 48013 Bilbao (23 min to venue). Single Room 88€; Double Room 93€
  • BYPILLOW San Mamés (**)
    Calle Luis Briñas 15, 48013 Bilbao (18 min to venue). Single Room 84€; Double Room 94€
  • NH Bilbao Deusto (***)
    Calle Francisco Maciá 9, 48014 Bilbao (10 min to venue). Double Room 128€
  • Hotel Abando (****)
    Calle Colón de Larreategui 9, 48001 Bilbao (17 min to venue). Single Room 102€; Double Room (breakfast included) 140€
  • Hotel Ercilla de Bilbao (****)
    Calle Ercilla 37-38, Bilbao, 48011 Bilbao (12 min to venue). Double Room 142€
  • Hotel Silken Indautxu (****)
    Plaza Bombero Etxaniz s/n, 48010 Bilbao (16 min to venue). Single Room (breakfast included) 120€; Double Room (breakfast included) 135€
  • Barceló Bilbao Nervión (****)
    Paseo Campo Volantin 11, 48007 Bilbao (19 min to venue). Single Room (breakfast included) 155€; Double Room (breakfast included) 170€
  • Hotel Melia Bilbao (*****)
    Calle Leizaola Lehendakariaren 29, 48011 Bilbao (6 min to venue). Single Room (breakfast included) 230€; Double Room (breakfast included) 248€

2nd Severo Ochoa Conference program

Monday, 24 June 2024
12:30-14:00Registration and posters setting. Posters will be on during the whole meeting
13:00-14:00Lunch break
14:00-14:15Welcome from the organizers, FCySO, SEBBM and UPV/EHU

Session 1 The ubiquitin family in physiology

Chair: Emilio Lecona (CBMSO, Madrid)

14:15-14:45Opening lecture: Simona Polo (IFOM, Milan, IT)
Harnessing small molecules for precise NEDD4 modulation (T1)
14:45-14:55Miguel Ángel Prado (ISPA, Oviedo, ES)
Global remodeling of the proteome in terminal differentiation (ST1)
14:55-15:05Natalia Szulc (IIMCB, Warsaw, PL)
Lysine deserts and cullin-RING ligase receptors: Navigating untrodden paths in proteostasis (ST2)
15:05-15:35Jordi Torres-Rosell (IRB-Lleida, ES)
Ubiquitin-dependent control of RNA Polymerase I (T2)
15:35-15:45Yanis Hichem Bouzaher (CIMUS, Santiago de Compostela, ES)
Modulation of ISG15 activities by SUMOylation (ST3)
15:45-15:55Lukáš Čermák (IMG, Prague, HR)
Deciphering CRL4: a key player in genomic stability and cancer (ST4)
16:00-16:30Coffee break | Group Picture

Session 2 The ubiquitin family in disease

Chair: Simona Polo (IFOM, Milan)

16:30 -17:20EMBO Keynote lecture: Ivan Dikic (IBCII-GUF, Frankfurt, DE)
Ubiquitin and Autophagy networks in regulation of ER remodelling (KT1)
17:20 -17:30Ugo Mayor (UPV/EHU, Leioa, ES)
Elucidating the UBE3A substrates in the mouse brain and Angelman Syndrome (ST5)
17:30-17:40Isabelle Lamsoul (CNRS, Toulouse, FR)
ASB2α-mediated ubiquitination and degradation of filamins A and B as an unexpected mechanism sustaining Th2 lymphocyte functions: novel therapeutic opportunities in type 2 immune diseases (ST6)
17:40-18:10Helen Walden (Univ Glasgow, UK)
Targeting Parkin substrates (T3)
18:10-18:20Vasileios Toulis (Univ Barcelona, ES)
USP48 as a ciliary regulator: knockout in human iPSCs using CRISPR/Cas9 and generation of 3D retinal organoids as a novel retinal ciliopathy model (ST7)
18:20-18:30Katarina Trajkovic (MedILS, Split, HR)
The abundance and toxicity of mutant huntingtin are determined by its interplay with ubiquitin ligase Nedd4 (ST8)
18:30-20:00Flash talk presentations & POSTER SESSION
20:30Conference Dinner (ABBA Euskalduna Hotel)

Tuesday, 25 June 2024

Session 3 New tools in the ubiquitin family research

Chair: James D. Sutherland (CIC bioGUNE, Derio, Spain)

09:00-09:30Andrea Geist (Merck, Germany, DE)
Exploring the PROxAb Shuttle: A Plug & Play Solution for Targeted Antibody-Mediated PROTAC Delivery (T4)
09:30-09:40Román González-Prieto (Univ Sevilla, ES)
BRCA1/BARD1 ubiquitinates PCNA in unperturbed conditions to promote continuous DNA synthesis (ST9)
09:40-09:50Irene Ponzo (DBS, Munich, DE)
Proximity biosensor assay for PROTAC ternary complex analysis (ST10)
09:50-10:20Matthias Muhar (ETH Zürich, Switzerland, CH)
Probing endogenous chemical triggers of protein degradation (T5)
10:20-10:30Laura Merino Cacho (CIC bioGUNE, Derio, ES)
Identification of the substrates of Cullin-RING E3 ligases (CRLs) by BioE3 (ST11)
10:30-10:40June Olazar Intxausti (UPV/EHU, Leioa, ES)
Novel methodologies for deciphering the complex interplay of ubiquitinated proteins and lipids within living cells (ST12)
10:40-11:30Coffee break | POSTER SESSION

Session 4 New applications in Biomedicine

Chair: Helen Walden (University of Glasgow, Scotland, UK)

11:30-12:00Cristina Mayor-Ruiz (IRB Barcelona, ES)
Targeted protein degradation: unlocking drug discoveries and defeating resistance (T6)
12:00-12:10Andrea Bertran Mostazo (Univ Barcelona, ES)
Degrading c-Myc by allosteric modulation of the FBXW7 E3 ligase: deciphering a novel MoA in targeted protein degradation (ST13)
12:10-12:20Angélica Figueroa Conde-Valvís (INIBIC, Coruña, ES)
Novel therapeutic strategies against cancer metastasis by targeting the E3 ubiquitin-ligase Hakai: from research to innovation (ST14)
12:20-12:30Manuel S Rodríguez (CNRS, Toulouse)
Role of the ubiquitin ligase TRIM24 in the UPS-ALS crosstalk in bortezomib-resistant mantle cell lymphoma cells (ST15)
12:30-12:40Patrycja Michalska (Imperial College London, UK)
Recruitment of UCHL1 deubiquitinase for proximity induced pharmacology – a covalent ligand discovery approach (ST16)
12:40-13:10Closing lecture: Tim Clausen (IMP, Vienna, AT)
The Ubiquitin Big Bang: How specialized ubiquitination enzymes fight microbial invaders (T7)
13:10-13:30Concluding remarks | Prizes | Farewell
13:30-14:30Lunch break | Last chance for poster viewing | Departure

Actividad Divulgativa

Mesa Redonda EHUgune: Zubiak sortzen / Creando puentes: Investigación fundamental y asociaciones de pacientes

17:00-17:30Café y pastas
David Hoyos (Director de EHUgune)
Compromiso e Impacto Social de la UPV/EHU
Ugo Mayor (Ikerbasque Research Professor, UPV/EHU y Redactor Jefe de InpAkta, Journal of Research for Social Impact)
Arkaitz Carracedo (CIC bioGUNE)
Biología del cáncer, desde el laboratorio hasta la clínica
Jim Sutherland (CIC bioGUNE)
¿Por qué usamos animales modelo en el laboratorio?
Guiomar Pérez de Nanclares (bioARABA)
¿Cómo se transmiten las enfermedades genéticas?
Joseba Antxustegi (Asociación del Síndrome de Angelman)
¿En qué ayuda una asociación de pacientes a las familias en el día a día?
Susana Ballesteros (Neus vivir con PVNH7)
Asociaciones e investigadores compartimos objetivos y valores
Juana María Saenz (FEDER)
¿Cuantas enfermedades raras están registradas en Euskadi?
19:10-19:30Mesa redonda con el panel de ponentes
Modera: Ugo Mayor
19:30Clausura del acto

Contexto y objetivos
La investigación fundamental es indispensable para llegar con el paso del tiempo a aplicaciones clínicas. A veces centrada en los mecanismos de una enfermedad concreta, otras veces explorando sin ninguna aplicación en mente, el simple conocimiento de cómo funcionan nuestras células puede resultar en el posterior desarrollo de medicamentos que salven vidas.
Las asociaciones de pacientes, cada una con su problemática específica, más aún en el caso de aquellas enfermedades denominadas raras por su escasa frecuencia, realizan una gran labor social de guía, apoyo y reivindicación de situaciones muchas veces difíciles. Estas asociaciones hacen además un seguimiento cercano de las investigaciones en marcha, e incluso las impulsan.
Esta jornada es una propuesta de encuentro entre las asociaciones de pacientes y personas dedicadas a la investigación, con motivo de la celebración de la 2a Conferencia Severo Ochoa «Ligating the Ubiquitin Family: Physiology, Disease, and Future Directions» que tendrá lugar en Bilbao el 24 y 25 de Junio, organizada por la Sociedad Española de Bioquímica y Biología Molecular, SEBBM, en colaboración con la Fundación Carmen y Severo Ochoa.

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