OPERON, S.A. is a reference company contributing quality and innovative solutions to the “in vitro” diagnostics field, aiming to improve the quality of life in the community.

We want to be a leading company in technology and “in vitro” diagnostic products, with a solid reputation and a diversified offer with presence in all continents relying on our high quality products and services:

  • Immunochromatography Tests.
  • Molecular Biology Tests.
  • Raw Materials: Monoclonal Antibodies and Recombinant Antigens.
  • Customized services: contract-manufacturing.
  • Excellence: as pioneers in innovation, excellence is our goal, practising continuous improvement of our processes, products and services. Indeed we are widely recognised for it. We aim to excel at all times and this is our vehicle to achieve the Vision of the company.
  • Responsibility and Commitment: we are fully aware of the impact of our work and of the individual and collective effort required to achieve our objectives.
  • Teamwork: we embrace the significance of the common effort and collaboration as our philosophy and perform in harmony in the pursuance of the shared goal.
  • Respect: for the beliefs, opinions and convictions of those who work in the organisation, projecting this feeling towards those who are related to us: customers, shareholders, suppliers and communities. We understand the differences as opportunities for growth, and we handle them with politeness and empathy.
  • Trust: as the basis of all our relationships. We have absolute conviction in the ability of the people at this company to achieve our objectives.
  • Gender equality: at OPERON, equal treatment and opportunities between women and men is a priority and a commitment, and is considered a fundamental principle of labour relations and human resources management in the company.