Webinar «Microrobots propelling through a liquid: a fantastic voyage»

(La química, una mano tendida a la sociedad)
Datos del evento
Fecha: 05/05/2022 a las 12:30 am
Evento virtual (online)

Conferenciante: Fernando Martínez Pedrero (QF). Profesor Titular, Facultad de Ciencias Químicas, UCM.

Moderador: Francisco Ortega. Decano, Facultad de Ciencias Químicas, UCM.

A colloidal suspension is an inhomogeneous system consisting of two or more phases, in which the dispersed units have at least one of their spatial dimensions at the nanoscale or microscale. These somewhat arbitrary boundaries roughly define the region in which the main distinguishing characteristics of colloidal systems are manifested: (a) A high surface-to-volume ratio; (b) The appearance of Brownian motion; (c) The existence of interactions mediated by the continuous médium; (d) The preponderance of viscous forces over inertial forces.

In this lecture I will present the research that we carry out in the Complex Systems Group, Department of Chemistry-Physics, which is linked to the design and study of new: a) Static and dynamic self-assembled micrometric systems; b) Low Reynolds number swimming strategies and prototypes and c) Actuated and modular systems in confined spaces.