Postdoctoral Researcher for the Neurometabolic Diseases Unit

Postdoctorales / Contrato
Del 02/05/2022 al 11/05/2022
Temporal (inicio: 23/05/2022)
Descripción de la oferta

Position 1 is for a molecular geneticist with deep knowledge of genome analysis and interpretation, who aims at solving diagnostic Odysseys beyond conventional testing, using whole and long-read genomes, epigenomes, and transcriptomes. Ideal candidates will master bioinformatics tools for integrative multiomics analysis.
Position 2 is a for a cell biologist interested in organellar crosstalk, bioenergetics, immunology, aging and neuroscience, eager to work with brain organoids, in collaboration with Consiglio lab at Idibell.
Multiomic approaches to decipher pathogenesis and the metabolic needs of the brain in development will be applied to find cures for rare metabolic diseases.

Perfil buscado

Enthusiastic and self-motivated team players with strong record of publications with several first author papers and excellent English communication skills are encouraged to apply.