At the University of Pittsburgh Vascular Medicine Institute
Del 06/11/2023 al 30/11/2023
from $56,484 per year, according to NIH postdoctoral guidelines (salario bruto anual)
Descripción de la oferta

A postdoctoral associate position is immediately available in the laboratories of Drs. Yvette Yien and Jesús Tejero.
We seek motivated postdoctoral candidates interested in basic research and translational medicine.
The Fellow will be co-supervised by Drs. Yien and Tejero. The Fellow will carry out research to identify proteinprotein interactions between the CLPX mitochondrial protein unfoldase and its protein partners in different mammalian cell types, with the goal of understanding the developmental stage and tissue specific roles of CLPX in heme regulation. To carry out these studies, the Fellow will carry out tissue dissections, cell sorting, mammalian
tissue culture, biochemical techniques (protein purification, metabolic labeling, enzymatic assays). The Fellow will also participate in collaborative projects between the Tejero and Yien labs in the topics of heme proteins, heme biosynthesis and heme-mediated nitric oxide signaling.
The Vascular Medicine Institute (VMI) at the University of Pittsburgh is a cutting-edge research center. It is part of the Department of Medicine in the University of Pittsburgh, School of Medicine (UPSOM), and brings together a multidisciplinary team of scientists. The VMI harnesses interdisciplinary teams of researchers in hemostasis, red blood cell biophysics, transfusion medicine, cardiovascular biology, mitochondrial biology/energetics, cell survival
and autophagy and nitrite-nitric oxide and reactive oxygen species biochemistry to expand our understanding of the control of cell survival and energetics, blood flow to organ systems and the development of novel therapies to enhance these properties and increase angiogenesis, blood flow and cellular survival.

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Perfil buscado

Qualifications – PhD in any field of biology or biochemistry with experience in molecular biology, protein characterization, and biophysical techniques. Experience in cell biology and/or protein expression and purification is a plus.

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Interested candidates please contact Dr. Yvette Yien ( and/or Dr. Jesús Tejero (