Post-Doctoral Position

Postdoctorales / Contrato
Del 14/03/2024 al 31/03/2024
Descripción de la oferta

Innervation and aging

Targeting Axonal Degeneration and Regeneration Mechanisms to Recover Organ Function

Joint project from the laboratories of Felipe Court and Sebastian Bernales

o Genetic interventions (including transgenesis and systemic AAV)
o Pharmacological interventions and drug discovery
o Application of Clarity-iDISCO techniques and light-sheet microscopy
o Assessment of organ function and behavioral assays
o Engagement in international collaborations and networking opportunities

Presentación de solicitudes

Center for Integrative Biology, Universidad Mayor, Santiago, CHILE
Merken Biotech, Santiago, CHILE
FONDAP Geroscience Center for Brain Health and Metabolism

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