Posdoctoral position at University of Cambridge

University of Cambridge
Hasta el 01/08/2023
Descripción de la oferta

Applications are invited for a researcher position in the laboratory of Dr Catherine Lindon, where we are seeking a motivated cell biologist to undertake studies of the mode of action of novel tools for Targeted Protein Degradation (TPD). Small molecule PROTACs harnessing the cellular ubiquitination machinery to destroy targets of clinical importance are at the forefront of a revolution in therapeutic strategies, yet there are still many parameters of the relevant ubiquitination pathways that are not well understood.

This study is a great opportunity to gain experience in a novel and rapidly expanding field and to contribute to important and timely research questions about how PROTACs find and ubiquitinate their targets, and what cellular factors modify the success of TPD strategies. This knowledge will feed into therapeutic strategies of the future. More information about the laboratory is available at https://www.phar.cam.ac.uk/research/lindon.

Perfil buscado

The successful applicant should be about to obtain a PhD or have obtained a PhD within the last 5 years. Experience in molecular cell biology is required, and experience in ubiquitin research would be preferred. You must be a careful and methodical worker, be able to take responsibility for your work, interact as part of a tightly knit team and be willing to work in a collaborative environment. You should be self-motivated and able to organise, perform and analyse experiments with minimal instruction.

Presentación de solicitudes

Further particulars and the application portal are available through this link http://www.jobs.cam.ac.uk/job/39011 and informal enquiries can be addressed to Cath Lindon at acl34@cam.ac.uk.