Oferta 2 contratos postdoctorales cáncer de mama IIS Biogipuzkoa

Biogipuzkoa Health Research Institute
Postdoctorales / Contrato
Del 12/12/2023 al 30/12/2023
2 years that can be extended (inicio: January-March 2024)
Información de la oferta

WHO WE ARE? Our group is based at the Biogipuzkoa Health Research Institute in the beautiful city of San Sebastian, Spain. It is integrated within the structure of Donostia University Hospital-Onkologikoa, the main node for cancer patients in the region. Ours is a multidisciplinary group formed by cancer researchers, immunologists, medical oncologists, pathologists and surgeons. Our research is focused on the molecular mechanisms mediating breast cancer metastasis, with a particular emphasis on the role of inflammation in the tumour microenvironment. Our aims are to design new therapeutic strategies to block cancer-promoting inflammation and to identify new predictive markersfor cancer immunotherapies. To address these aims, we use a combination of complementary research approaches: relevant pre-clinical in vivo models, cell culture experiments, bioinformatics and analysis of clinical samples.

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Descripción de la oferta

We are looking for 2 motivated postdoctoral fellows(one with expertise in cancer immunology and the other in bioinformatics) to join our team! We offer 2 year-contractsthat can be extended depending on availability of funds. The selected candidate is expected to start January-March 2024.

Project: Role of pro-inflammatory cytokines in breast cancer metastasis and resistance to immunotherapy

Perfil buscado

• PhD in tumour immunology and/or cancer biology
• Proficiency in speaking and writing in English
• Previous experience in 1) animal models, cell culture, immunology and cancer and/or 2) scRNAseq, transcriptomic analysis, multiplex imaging (shown by first author publications)

• Leadership of his/her research project
• Help with supervision of students
• Submitting applications to postdoctoral fellowships (e.g. Juan de la Cierva, Sara Borrell, postdoc AECC)
• Collaborating with other projects of the la

Presentación de solicitudes

Those interested in this position, please submit motivation/cover letter, CV and 3 references (no letters are needed at this point) to maria.munozcaffarel@biodonostia.org