Candidato para solicitar FPU en el Grupo de Señalización celular y Proteómica

Candidatos / Contrato
Del 17/01/2023 al 15/02/2023
Descripción de la oferta

The recently created group «Cell Signaling and Proteomics» led by the Ramón y Cajal researcher Dr. Maruan Hijazi Vega, belongs to the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology and the Institute for Neurosciences of Castilla y León (INCYL) of the University of Salamanca (USAL).

The KINOGLIOMA project awarded and funded by the Ministry of Science and Innovation (MCIN), the State Research Agency (AEI) and the European Regional Development Fund (FEDER) consists of the study of signaling pathways that determine responses to kinase inhibitors of interest in glioblastoma, a recurrent brain tumor that is currently difficult to treat. The main objectives are to understand the modes of action of these compounds with therapeutic interest in cellular models of glioblastoma, to find signaling pathways that mediate resistance to these kinase inhibitors and finally to identify new therapeutic targets, as well as biomarkers that help to stratify patients who are eligible for a given therapy. The high throughput methodology to be used in this project will be mass spectrometry-based phosphoproteomics, along with other conventional biochemical and molecular biology techniques.

Perfil buscado

We are looking for people interested in applying for an FPU contract to carry out their PhD. Candidates must meet the requirements specified in the following link of the call (from 17/01/2023 to 15/02/2023):

  1. Degree related to biomedical sciences in 2018 or in subsequent years.
  2. Academic record with an average grade greater than 8.5.
  3. MSc or be enrolled in a master´s degree in the present academic year.
  4. Highly motivated, independent, collaborative person, with good organization and ability to work and good level of English.
Presentación de solicitudes

If you are interested, send your CV, university certificates and a letter of recommendation, if possible, to: Email subject: FPU-KINOGLIOMA.