Candidates to apply for a Juan de la Cierva grant

Candidatos / Contrato
Del 24/01/2023 al 07/02/2023
2 años
25.350€ (salario bruto anual)
Descripción de la oferta

Our work focuses on nitrogen nutrition and metabolism in plants ( We are currently working on different candidate genes involved in the response to ammonium nutrition in both conifers and Arabidopsis. We are also carrying out a research project (PID2021-122641NB-C21) to characterize transcriptomic and metabolomic responses to nitrate nutrition in pine.

Perfil buscado

Common requirements:

  • Hold a doctorate degree.
  • To have obtained a doctorate degree from a centre other than the University of Malaga.

Specific requirements:

  • Demonstrated experience (published papers) in Plant Biochemistry and Molecular Biology work.
Presentación de solicitudes

Those interested should contact Francisco Ruiz Cantón ( or Rafael Cañas (