XVI Meeting of Plant Molecular Biology

The Meeting of Plant Molecular Biology (RBMP) is the most important biennial event with the greatest impact in plant research, open to scientists from academia and industry.
Datos del evento
Fecha: 14/09/2022 16/09/2022
Lugar: Hotel NH Collection Sevilla
Av. de Diego Martínez Barrio 8, 41013 Sevilla (España)

Constitutes an excellent opportunity to present conceptual and methodological innovations,as well as expand visibility, in order to promote collective scientific enrichment and establish new collaborations. In addition, one of the aims of this meeting is to bring research closer to the needs of agriculture and the challenges of plant biotechnology, with the support of the biotechnological platform BIOVEGEN. Finally, the meeting is fully committed to gender equality, as seen in the composition of the scientific and organizing boards.

We believe that your presence and participation would be of great interest to our scientific community. As in past editions, we strongly encourage young researchers to take an active role in their participation in both the scientific committee and the oral presentation of their work. Likewise, one of our goals is to guarantee an excellent scientific level, inviting senior researchers of international prestige for plenary sessions.

The XVI RBMP will be held in Sevilla, which constitutes an incomparable framework for the meeting due to its fascinating history (it has been built by Hercules himself!), its important monuments, its large historical center, its traditions and legacy, and its projection into the future; definitely, because it is one of the most exciting, joyful and bright cities in Spain.

We are certain that the XVI RBMP will be a success and strongly wish to see you all face-to-face in Seville.