Practical Deep-Dive on ChatGPT

(We run the same session twice to accommodate different time zones: 9:00-10:00h and 17:00-18:00h )
Datos del evento
Fecha: 28/06/2023 de 9:00 am a 10:00 am
Evento virtual (online)

Since the launch of ChatGPT in November 2022, the hype around generative AI (artificial intelligence) has been immense. Products that can automatically generate text, images and video when prompted to do so are being discussed as a game-changer for organizations and society at large.

Generative AI promises organizations and their staff a route to increase their productivity, supporting them in automating – or at least delivering more quickly and easily – many important regular tasks.

At the request of ISC Members stemming from our Mid-term meeting in May, we are organizing a practical workshop to create a safe space for experimentation and explore how the most popular tool – ChatGPT – can be used in our everyday work.

The ISC senior consultant Nick Scott will share insights on how to work around technical capabilities and limitations of the tool, what makes for an effective prompt, and will answer any practical questions around the use of ChatGPT.

We’ll also hear from researchers themselves about their creative use of ChatGPT in their work.


  • An overview of technical capabilities and limitations of ChatGPT
  • guided live preview of ChatGPT with examples on writing, testing and validating effective prompts
  • Examples of creative use cases from the audience
  • What is happening next with new versions of software, such as MS Office, where similar tools will be in-built
  • Q&A and discussion