CPR conference – Protein Signaling – from mechanisms to cellular function

This meeting will bring together world-leading researchers across key areas in biology with a focus on protein-driven mechanisms that are relevant to cell function in development and disease.
Datos del evento
Fecha: 14/11/2021 18/11/2021
Lugar: Favrholm - Novo Nordisk
Roskildevej 58, 3400 Hillerød (Dinamarca)

Together with the Novo Nordisk Foundation, CPR is organizing it’s fifth Copenhagen Bioscience Conference: Protein Signaling – from mechanisms to cellular function. The conference will take place 14-18 November 2021 at Favrholm, Denmark.

The meeting will have a strong emphasis on the emerging single cell and single-molecule technologies as well as on the advances in chromatin architecture, proteomics, network biology, systems biology and structural biology. Finally, an important focus will be bridging fundamental discoveries to clinical relevant applications.

About the format: Please note that due to the uncertain circumstances following the pandemic, the invited speakers will either be present physically or virtually depending on the individual travel restrictions when the conference takes place. For participants, the conference will be an all physical event taking place at our venue, Favrholm.

Cost free registration and accommodations: The conference will take place at the beautiful venue, Favrholm campus located in the greater Copenhagen area – registration fee and accommodations are covered by the Novo Nordisk Foundation for all participants.