Plants under environmental stress: overcoming current climate challenges

Deadline for application 5 september, 2024
Datos del evento
Fecha: 05/11/2024 07/11/2024
Lugar: Universidad Internacional de Andalucia. Sede Antonio Machado Palacio de Jabalquinto
Plaza Santa Cruz s/n, 23440 Baeza (Jaén) (España)

Agriculture, the basis of human nutrition, is both a net producer of greenhouse effect gases that contribute to global warming and a victim, because climate changes triggered by global warming have severe negative effects on crop productivity and soil quality. Since photosynthesis provides a
natural mechanism of CO2 fixation, ecosystem-based strategies using photosynthetic organisms is emerging as a relevant strategy to tackle the climate crisis.
The aim of this workshop is to bring together leading national and international scientists to discuss the possible contributions of photosynthetic organisms to address the unprecedented challenges that humanity is currently facing due to the climate crisis provoked by global warming. To address these goals, the workshop is structured into three topics:

1) Optimizing photosynthetic metabolism and chloroplast signaling
2) Plant responses to changing environments
3) Breakthroughs on plant and algal biotechnology

Recent scientific advances in photosynthesis and the physiological mechanisms of plant acclimation to environmental stresses, in addition with the excellent molecular and genetic tools already available for plant and algae research, provide new and exciting opportunities for translating basic knowledge to the generation of crops with improved productivity under the adverse environmental conditions triggered by global warming. Therefore, the topics that will be presented and discussed in the workshop are of the
highest scientific interest and, since the climate crisis is increasingly perceived as a major threat for humans, the goals of the workshop are also of the highest social interest.

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