FEBS Education and Training Conference

This three-day event will be held in Antalya, Türkiye, and will bring together senior and junior scientists from all over the world to share their expertise and learn from each other.
Datos del evento
Fecha: 20/03/2024 23/03/2024
Lugar: Xanadu Hotel
Antalya (Turkey)

We are excited to announce the first-ever Molecular Life Sciences Education and Training Conference in Europe, on March 20-23, 2024, organized by FEBS.

The conference will feature a variety of activities, including but not limited to:

  • plenary talks – groundbreaking discussions led by distinguished plenary speakers
  • hands-on workshops – because the best learning happens when you’re elbows-deep in the action!
  • meet the expert – dedicated to bolstering both faculty development and the soft skills training of our next-gen scientists
  • certification opportunities – elevate your CV and LinkedIn profile! Yes, we’re making both your brain and resume look greater! These certifications will demonstrate your commitment to excellence in molecular life sciences education and training
  • poster and oral presentations – because we want to earn your journey as well!
  • networking opportunities – build bonds stronger than hydrogen bonds! Forge valuable connections, engage in spirited discussions, and collaboratively envision the future of molecular life sciences education
  • light-hearted learning – expect more than a few chuckles as we weave humor into education. After all, a laughing brain is a learning brain!


  • FEB 9: Abstract Submission
  • FEB 9: Grant Application