EMBL Conference «Computational structural biology»

With this “Cambrian explosion” of computational structural biology, this event aims to become a so-far missing major dedicated conference.
Datos del evento
Fecha: 06/12/2023 09/11/2023
Evento híbrido (Presencial / Virtual)
Lugar: EMBL Heidelberg
Heidelberg (Germany)

This conference will take place at EMBL Heidelberg, with the option to attend virtually.

The field of computational structural biology is undergoing a revolution. AlphaFold, a program based on Artificial Intelligence (AI), has transformed the structural modeling of proteins and protein complexes by reaching accuracy similar to experimental structures. Over 200 million structural models have already been released in AlphaFold Database. Following AlphaFold, other protein modeling programs proliferated from researchers worldwide. AI has started advancing RNA modeling too. The wealth of protein models has sparked an explosion of new tools for structural analysis and structure-based function assignment. Scientists from other fields, such as system biology, incorporate AI-based structure prediction in their pipelines. In parallel, molecular dynamics simulations push the limits of accuracy and size of what can be simulated. Protein and drug design are being transformed thanks to new geometric AI methods and the availability of structural models for almost any drug target.

Our conference will update on the impact of AI-based structure prediction, provide a forum to present new methods and applications, build a wider community by integrating the new scientists now massively joining the field, and open a platform to discuss future directions and opportunities.

Session Topics:

  • Modeling proteins and nucleic acids
  • Modeling complexes
  • Structural dynamics
  • Structure-based function assignment and analysis
  • Structural bioinformatics and experiments
  • Applications: drug, protein design, and more
  • Structural systems biology


  • SEP 13:     Abstract Submission
  • OCT 25:   Registration (On-site)
  • NOV 29:   Registration (Virtual)