13.06 - 16.06.2018  STATUS
Snpwbird, Utah, USA

Students and postdocs can still apply for scholarships for our June 2018 conference on bone biology; the application process consists of abstract submission and mentor verification and should be completed by midnight US MT on Tuesday, February 27. Abstract submission by this date also saves 50 USD on the later fee.

Meetings of bone biology are traditionally dominated by the need to explain the bases and to propose treatments for the most frequent bone disease: osteoporosis. Aside from this very vivid field, two other aspects of bone biology have developed in the last decade. The first one is the cross-talk between bone, hematopoiesis and leukemogenesis. The second is the study of the multiple endocrine functions of bone and how their study impacts our understanding of multiple degenerative diseases. A feature shared by these two aspects of biology is that they link bone biology to multiple other organs and to other functions besides making bones. These two aspects are the dialog between bone and hematopoiesis, whether physiological or pathological, and the endocrine functions of bone.

This conference will showcase the many advances made in these two aspects of skeleton biology and how these developments have enriched our understanding of the pathogenesis of multiple degenerative diseases affecting the bone marrow, energy metabolism or the brain.

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