Advanced Degree for the Biology Section

Postdoctorales / Contrato
Del 21/12/2022 al 19/01/2023
Descripción de la oferta

The CNIO Experimental Therapeutics Programme (ETP) is a group constituted by biologists and medicinal-chemists dedicated to the discovery and development of new antitumoral drugs. We account with a very professional computational chemistry platform. As well, we have developed an infrastructure constituted by enabling technologies and chemical-biology databases to manage and store safely the data generated within our research projects. We are currently seeking a candidate with expertise in the fields of computational chemistry / chemoinformatics and/or laboratory information management systems (LIMS) to be responsible for the scientific and technical management and administration of such platform and infrastructure. The selected candidate will perform a diverse number of activities working in this environment. 1. She/he will carry out chemoinformatic analyses and data mining processes of chemical libraries and chemical-biology databases and computational related approaches for application in drug discovery, being responsible of virtual screening campaigns and molecular docking activities. 2. The candidate will be responsible for the maintenance of ISIS-BASE chemical databases and e-labnotebooks. 3. She/he will supervise the registration of newly synthesized/acquired small molecules in our Programme database. 4. She/he will be in charge for preparation of screening plates in our HTS platform, including programming of robotic systems and uploading of the generated information in ETP-database. 5. The candidate will help to setting up new assay protocols using informatics tools such as Pipeline Pilot (PLP) and will be responsible for uploading screening chemical-biological data in the internal database. 6. She/he will be responsible for the accuracy of data storage and tracking. Overall, the candidate will be responsible for the management and administration of all the informatics related topics within the ETP drug discovery platform.

Perfil buscado
  • PhD in Biosciencies with experience in the fields of chemoinformatics and/or bioinformatics and/or Laboratory Information Management Systems LIMS.
  • Experience in application of chemoinformatics and computational chemistry related approaches in drug discovery.
  • Experience managing Pipeline Pilot (PLP) environment and tools will be positively considered.
  • Knowledge of Structure Query Language (SQL) and relational database management systems (RDBMS) in particular Oracle, together with R language.
  • Experience in the maintenance and use of ActivityBaseTM in Drug Discovery programs will be positively considered.
  • Knowledge of Procedural language (PL). Additional experience managing ISIS-BASE databases will be a bonus.
  • Experience in LIMS for the integration of functions and data outputs of different laboratory equipments and facilities will be considered.
  • Experience in managing robotics facilities, including HTS logistics and assay protocol preparation and execution will be a bonus.
  • High level of english, both written and spoken.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication and presentation skills.
  • Capacity for teamwork and motivation.
  • Applications must include a detailed CV, synopsis of work experience and at least two reference letters.
Presentación de solicitudes

Los interesados deberán remitir su C.V. indicando la Referencia: TSBIO22 en el asunto del mail a la dirección de correo electrónico;, de lo contrario la candidatura no podrá ser tenida en cuenta.