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FEBS Fellowships

Federation of European Biochemical Societies (FEBS)
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The FEBS Fellowships programme began in 1979, and became a highly competitive and respected programme for early-stage researchers thanks to rigorous selection methods and the packages offered. Most of its schemes over the years have supported graduate students and early-career researchers in the molecular life sciences in the FEBS area to move to and carry out a period of research in a lab in a different FEBS country, thus broadening their experience and training, giving access to additional research techniques and expertise, and facilitating international collaboration.

FEBS currently offers Short-Term Fellowships, Collaborative Developmental Scholarships and Summer Fellowships. With the launch of the new FEBS Excellence Award scheme in 2021 (see below), the previous FEBS Long-Term Fellowships scheme is now closed to new applications and there is no call in 2021.

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  • Short-Term Fellowships are for scientists who have obtained their PhD degree within the past six years, and PhD students who have at least one published paper as a main author in an international scientific journal.
  • Collaborative Developmental Scholarships are for PhD students in certain disadvantaged FEBS countries.
  • Summer Fellowships are for PhD students and Master’s students.

All are for researchers studying or working in a FEBS country and wishing to move to a different country in the FEBS area for the duration of the Fellowship. In addition, candidates for Short-Term Fellowships and Collaborative Developmental Scholarships need to be a member of one of the FEBS Constituent Societies.

Presentación de solicitudes
  • Short-Term Fellowships: any time.
  • Collaborative Developmental Scholarships: any time.
  • Summer Fellowships 2021: by May 15, 2021.
  • FEBS Excellence Awards 2021: by 1 September 2021; call opens 1 June 2021.